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Before & After Surgery
What is Arthritis
Having decided to get knee replacement for your knee, you should inform your doctor one week prior to the date of surgery.....
Dental check up to rule out any infection, Arrange for some one to look after you during your stay of 4-7 days in the hospital and one week post discharge at home.
Please inform to your doctor, about your previous health problem like hypertension, diabetis, heart problem, etc and any medication for these problems.
Stop tab.ecospirin and tab.clopidogrel 72 hrs before surgery if your are taking them for heart problem. Do exercises at home if prescribed by your doctor
If you follow above instructions,and investigations are with in normal limits, you can get admitted in the evening before surgery and have your preanaesthetic checkup by an anaesthetist and follow preoperative instructions given to you by resident doctor.
what to do on the day of it?
arrow Be calm, and cooperate with anaesthetic while giving anaesthesia.
arrow Do not panic over machine sounds during surgery.
arrow Surgery may take 2hours time.
arrow After the surgery you will be kept in post-operative ward for a brief period.
arrow Follow doctors advice and start doing physiotherapy
What to do after the surgery in hospital?
Follow exercise programme and do them (Physiotherapist will help you).
arrow Do not soak in water until your doctor says.
arrow Inform to doctor if you develop any fever, excessive pain, swelling of the legs, foot and if there is any soakage at surgery site.
arrow Your dressing will be changed and drain removed on 2day, and as and when necessary.
arrow If every thing is fine you will made walk on 2 day of surgery with help of walker.
arrow You will be discharged on 5/6/7 post op day. Physiotherapist will visit your home after discharge and help you recover faster.
arrow Sutures will be removed on 10 post op day.
What is Physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is essential part of your recovery following a knee replacement. It aims to
arrow Keep your chest clear.
arrow Provide an exercise programme to improve joint movement, strength and flexibility and make you recover faster.
arrow Improve mobility and confidence and make you walk with an appropriate walking aid.
Life after the surgery?
arrow You can walk with out any aid when you feel confident.
arrow Climb stairs after 1 month
arrow Drive vehicle after 3 months
arrow Avoid squatting, because it increases the wear of the implant.
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