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Welcome to Knee & Joint Replacement Specialist
Hearty welcome! The purpose of this site is to provide an easy-to-use and informative location on the internet to inform patients about problems of the knee and to explain modern methods of treatment. Fortunately, many hip and knee problems will respond to conservative measures of treatment, and we prefer to use these methods whenever possible. However, when these measures fail there are successful surgical options that can greatly relieve pain and restore function and mobility.
Dr Akhil Dadi - about Knee Replacement Surgery ( Telugu )
  Who requires a
Knee replacement.
arrow Patients suffering from knee pains and not able to walk properly for some months or years
arrow Not able to walk for some distances more than 500 meters
arrow Unable to walk due to bowing/deformity.
arrow Tried all methods of pain relief but of no use.
  Benefits of
Knee replacement
arrow Can walk or Sit for unlimited time
arrow Can climb stairs Easily
arrow Can do all activities including Driving
arrow No treatment or painkillers after surgery
  Computer Navigation in knee replacement
arrow Most precise and accurate way to do knee replacement
arrow Small errors of 0.5 degrees or millimeter are corrected
arrow Computer guides the surgeon to perform the replacement without any error.
arrow Implant Lasts longer than the knees done without aid of navigation
arrow Navigation is most useful to increase longevity of the knee replacement
  What Implant suits me?
arrow Highflex implant:- Gets more flexion, patient can even sit down.
arrow Rotating platform implant:- For young patients.(Below 50yrs)
arrow Oxinium implant as knee implant:- For patients who are prone to metal and skin allergies
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